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Arborists are professionals in the practice of arboriculture (the science of cultivating and maintaining trees and shrubs). Arborists are very knowledgeable in tree biology; they understand the needs, structure, behavior, etc. of trees are trained to care for them.

They can simply be described as tree physicians. Generally, Arborists are equipped with the skills and tools to carry out functions like planting, assessing, pruning, diagnosing, cabling, and bracing of trees.

Arborist consultations are platforms for seeking the advice of consulting arborists (arborists who offer consulting-related services) on issues regarding tree healthcare.

Aside from providing guidance on how best to care for trees, consulting arborists also provide services like tree assessments, diagnoses, expert witnessing (in legal cases).

Arborist consultation Columbia, Sc is particularly ideal for tree owners who want to be practically involved in caring for their trees but require some professional guidance.

Also, the fact that it is a much cheaper option (compared to hiring professionals to carry out the practical sides of the job) makes it more preferred by several tree owners.

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Why Do I Need An Arborist Consultation?

Tree Assessment Columbia: Periodic tree assessment is important if you aim to ensure the health of your tree. Now, you surely can’t effectively assess your tree by yourself. You require the services of a professional arborist. Hiring a consulting arborist is about your best bet here. Most times, the arborist will be in a position to tell how often your tree requires an assessment, while they also give dates.

Tree Diagnostic and Treatment: If you suspect something is wrong with your tree (but you are unable to ascertain what it is), the ideal thing to do is to consult an arborist. After some moment of examination, they should be able to give you a proper diagnosis of what they suspect is wrong with your tree. More importantly, they advise you on the steps to take to address whatever is wrong with your tree.

arborist consultation columbia, sc
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Landscape Planning

Landscape Planning: Planting a tree in the wrong location can have severe consequences. It is one of the major factors responsible for tree-related damage to structures, sudden tree falls, poor structural integrity, etc. Poor landscape planning is also linked to other issues like stunted growth, poor productivity, and the likes. This is why it is important to consult an arborist before embarking on planting trees on your property. Arborists are in better position to tell what kinds of trees are perfect for the kind(s) of soil on your property and what locations are most ideal for them.

You can find an arborist in your state or country using search engines. If you are in Columbia, South Carolina, for instance, type and search for “certified arborists in Columbia, South Carolina.” Alternatively, you can contact the South Carolina Forestry Commission.

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