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7 Steps to Remove a Tree:

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7 Steps to Remove a Tree:

When it comes to removing a dead or dying tree, It is best if you mean it up to a professional tree removal company such as Columbia SC Tree Service. This is especially true if the tree is quite large or close to your home or business. If you have a small tree, the danger of removing this tree is not as high, but should still be done with caution. In this article, we will talk about 7 steps to removing a tree. Even though it sounds and looks easy enough, without the right equipment and know-how, it can pose a serious threat to those around.

What Is Involved In Removing a Tree?

  1. Clear the Surrounding Area. The area that the tree is going to fall should be clear and free, so the tree can lay on the ground when it comes down. Try to estimate the height of the tree to clear whatever you can from the surrounding area. I do not want the tree to fall on a valuable item.
  2. Assess the tree. Take a look at the tree, and see which way the tree is leaning naturally. This can help you to determine the best place for the tree to fall. If you notice areas of decay, the tree could come out very easily and not fall where you intended it to fall.
  3. Map out an escape route. It is important to know where you can run 2 if the tree removal does wrong. If a tree starts to fall out of control, you want a clear path to be able to escape to. Take a look around and see which areas are free of debris.
  4. Get the Right Equipment. The size of the tree matters! Depending on the size of the tree see, larger trees with a trunk diameter of over a foot or more will require the use of a power chainsaw. I cannot cut these trees with your average handsaw.

Are you sure you don’t want to call the pros?

  1. Now that you have scoped out in the area, it is time to beginning. You will begin by starting the undercut. Cut a V-shape at a 45-degree angle at the bottom side that you want the tree to fall. This cut should be around a quarter of the tree's diameter deep.
  2. Now, start going back cut. This is going to release the stress of the tree on the trunk.
  3. Keep cutting until you notice the tree begin to give way. Once you see this, yell “Timber “ to let everyone know that the tree is going to fall.

What to Know After the Tree Is Removed

Once the train has felled, and it is lying on the ground, oh, you can begin to cut the branches off to make it easier to dispose of. Next, you will want to cut the tree into log side faces. These faces can be disposed of or used as firewood. Next, you will want to contact a tree service, so they can remove the tree stump.


 For more information on tree stump removal, and tree removal, contact our professional tree care service at Columbia SC Tree Service.

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