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How We Remove Trees from Small Hard to Reach Places

It is not an easy job to remove a large tree from a small area, and it is something that should be left to a trained professional. There are many safety issues that are involved, and you can run the risk of damaging your property if it is not performed in the right manner.


The process of removing a large tree is already difficult, but when the tree is within a small end difficult place to wrench, It becomes an even more complicated process. End this article learn about how are licensed and trained professional tree removal expert can safely remove a large tree from a small area in Columbia, South Carolina.

Removing a Large Tree from a Small Area With a Bucket Truck

When we are hired and contracted out to remove a large tree, our crew will always take the necessary safety precautions to make sure that ourselves and the client's property is safe from harm.

 While working in a smaller space to remove a larger tree can raise the safety States even higher. Here are a few steps that we take to remove a large tree.

  • We place a crew member in a bucket truck and raise them to an area where they can reach the first part of the tree that needs to be removed.
  •  Once the bucket truck is positioned correctly, our tree surgeon will begin to carefully cut small pieces from the tree one at a time. A rope is attached to the portion of the tree that is being cut, so it can be lowered safely to the ground without hitting or striking any cars, people, or buildings. When do this process until there are no high points of the tree to be removed.
  •  Once the tree's canopy has been removed, our crew will then move down the tree towards the trunk and assess the best way to remove the tree as they go.
  • After the tree has been fully removed and all the parts of the tree are loaded into the dump truck, we will halt the tree off of your property to never be seen again. Most of the time, the wood will be used as firewood.

What About the Stump?

After the large tree has been removed, we will begin to grind down the stump. We recommend that once a tree is removed, the stump should be removed along with it, as the stump can begin to rot and attract pests. If the stump is close to your home or a building, it can bring undesirable pests such as termites that can invade the stump and then move into the building's structure. We will ensure that the stump is ground 6 in below the surface. once we are finished grinding the stump, we will cover the area with soil.

Do You Need a Large Tree Removed?

Do you have a large tree in an area that needs to be removed? Contact us for a free estimate! Whether you need to remove a tree for a new build, safety precautions, or other issues, we can help you. At Columbia SC tree service, we have years of experience and can quickly and efficiently remove any size tree product in any area on your property. Our certified tree surgeons work with homeowners and businesses in Columbia, Lexington, and other surrounding priorities in South Carolina.

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