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Land Clearing In Columbia, SC

Before construction work begins on any project site, the land needs to be prepared. That is why you will need the service of Land Clearing Columbia, SC. The preparation of virgin land, bush, or forest for any project is called land clearing.

Here, the land is wholly cleaned from bushes, trees, and stumps that could obstruct the construction of buildings and facilities. The size of the land and purpose for clearing would determine the type of tools employed to carry out clearing. Large acres of land meant for industrial projects require machinery and heavy-duty trucks.

Land clearing can be carried out in various methods, all depending on the purpose the land serves. In some states, there are laws set to regulate the clearing of lands.

These laws focus on preserving the balance of the ecological system and avoiding climatic imbalances like erosion, and dryland salinity. An idea of the type of vegetation that would be cleared gives an idea of how many workers and the duration the entire process should last.

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How Does Land Clearing Work?

Manual Clearing: This is by far the most common method of land clearing. It involves the use of mechanical hand tools like a dagger, axes, machetes, hoes to cut down trees, bushes, and plant crops on a piece of land.

The manual clearing approach can only be applied to small portions of land since it requires a lot of strength and energy. It is not advisable to use this method for clearing land portions that involve more than one plot of land. The amount of labor involved in removing trees mechanically directly affects the amount of time spent in the removal of trees and grasses.

Mechanical Machine Clearing: This method involves using machines like tractors, mowers, etc., to remove trees, grasses, and shrubs from the land. The use of automated devices makes the clearing process quicker and more efficient. However, it requires the services of professionals who are skilled and experienced in operating these machines.

This method often features some mechanized procedures like cutting off tree stumps and root balls, and grinding stumps, pushing already cut trees over to a particular direction. Machine clearing is used mostly by commercial companies like Tree Service Columbia, SC.

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Other Ways of Land and Lot Clearing

Chemical Spray Clearing: With the advancement of technology, chemicals which aid in land clearing processes have been developed. Now, this method entails the organized application of such chemicals on lands with the intention of clearing them. However, it is worthy to note that this method can only be implemented for small farms and lands with grasses and trees that are not overgrown. It is also important to note that this method isn’t the best option when you are clearing a land for agricultural purposes.

Burning: This is arguably the least used method of land clearing. The reason for this is the fact that it isn’t applicable in a land with fresh and healthy plants or weeds (to be cleared). It is only ideal for dry or dead weeds, plants, stumps, or trees.

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