Storm Clean Up Columbia, SC

Storm Damage Clean Up In Columbia, SC

In the event of a serious storm, trees are easily affected. Even the healthiest trees are often likely to suffer some level of injuries during harsh weather conditions like a storm. That's why we have our storm damage cleanup service.

Some examples of injuries caused by storms on trees include twisting of crowns, branch failures, and stem failures—each of these damages resulting from the combination of climatic and man-induced factors.

Storm damages are classified as minor when only minimal parts of the tree are injured. Injuries like these do not have any permanent effects on the growth of the tree. Hence, in such situations, twigs, and branches that are broken only require pruning processes to restore the entire tree to its desired shape.

Heavy damages resulting from intense winds, lightning, and ice storms can cause larger broken branches split crotches splitting, and removal of barks.

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How to Clean Up Storm Damage?

Treating the tree: After storm damage, there is a need for a professional to examine the amount of damage done to the tree. Once this is done, the professionals can decide on the ideal step to take next. If the injuries suffered by the tree aren’t exactly serious, they would opt for treatment. However, if a tree is seriously damaged and poses a threat to lives and property in its environment, professionals may opt for a tree removal option.

Tree Removal: This is important for managing any tree-related accident. When a tree is fallen on a home (or some other valuable structure/building) or is likely to fall, professionals may opt for removing it. Our professional arborists are best equipped for this process, given their level of expertise and their access to high-grade equipment. There is no better tree removal in Columbia, SC.

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Bracing and Cabling: If a tree’s structural integrity has been damaged by a storm, one of the most probably attempts at cushioning its effects is the application if the bracing and cabling procedure. This helps keep the tree in shape and to, at least, keep it firm and ensure that its environment is safer. However, it is apt to note that this procedure isn’t exactly applicable to every kind of damage.

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What Should I Do About Storm Damage?

Stay away from the affected area: When a tree is seriously affected by a storm, it is safe to stay distant from the affected site. Serious storm damage might mean serious damage to the tree’s structural integrity. Hence, getting too close to the site might expose one to risks of falling branches or a fallen tree.

Do not attempt to treat the tree by yourself except under professional supervision: You may assume that the damage isn’t too serious and that you can fix it. However, this can be a little too risky without professional guidance.

Call for professional help: While observing the damage from a safe distance, the right thing to do is to call for an Emergency Tree Service Organization. You can find one closest to you by simply typing “emergency tree service close to me” on a search engine. They may require certain specific details concerning the damage. In most cases, they may come to the site to assess the situation before deciding what to do.

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