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Often times, when a tree is felled or cut off from a place, it leaves behind an annoying remnant known as the stump. The stump is the lowest part of the tree that is left attached to the ground after most of its trunk has been cut off. The removal of the stump is the process that ensures the complete removal of a tree.

One prevalent reason why people get rid of stumps from their yards is the fact that they  may pose some obstruction to the landscape. Also, a lot of times, stumps constitute a nuisance in the environment as they may have no immediate aesthetic benefit. Stumps may even attract insects which may infest the home, causing damage to the structure of the house.

Having decaying stumps around may even pose a more serious risk if you have kids or pets in the yard. This is because decaying stumps release some very toxic fungi that one should rather stay away from.

Even though it is helpful to get rid of stumps most of the times, it’s apt to note that they can be helpful sometimes. You can use an uprooted stump for decoration around your home or office. One can make a table or even a seat for your outside guest. Still, you would need a professional stump removal service in Columbia, Sc to get the job done.

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Different Ways to Remove a Stump

Depending on the kind or size of the tree, stumps can be large and heavy, making the process of removing them an uphill task. Many kinds of trees tend to have strong roots that are far-reaching and firmly rooted in the soil. This compounds the problem you may face in the process of removing it. Nevertheless, there are a few popular ways of stump removal that can be practiced by non-professionals. They are:

Manual Removal: This is about the least expensive option available to you. However, it can be physically exhausting as it can take several hours depending on the size of the tree. All you require are regular labor tools like shovels, axe, mattock, and a machete.
The idea here is to use the mattock to dig around the stump and to fetch out the loosened soil (around the stuck stump). The essence of the digging is to expose the taproot. Once the taproot is exposed, you can detach the stump from it using the machete. However, it’s sane to note that this method isn’t applicable for large stumps.

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The Use of Chemicals: This is arguably the easiest option available. However, on the flip side, it is one of the most time-taking stump removal process. Depending on the size of the tree, it can take between a couple of weeks and up to a year. You have to purchase a stump removal chemical (but it’s safe to do this with the guidance of a professional arborist). Follow the instructions on the chemical bottle meticulously.

The Burning Option: Even though this can be a little unhealthy for the environment, it can be just the cheapest and least labor-intensive method you have. For greater effectiveness, you can combine this with the use of chemicals. Having drilled the stump and applied some chemicals, you can then burn with fuel or kerosene. However, this method can turn out really messy.
Note that the safest, most effective and most reliable option available to you is to hire professional arborist or tree care service.

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