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Like every living thing, trees need to be well cared for. This is to enable them to maintain their bright, colorful, and healthy appearance and nature. Tree Healthcare Columbia is here to answer any questions you may have. The more attention you give to your trees, the more they add aesthetic colors to your landscape.

Trees that produce flowers and fruits may require even more attention to ensure that they blossom and produce sufficient and healthy fruits.

There are several signs that determine whether a tree is in a good condition. These factors can be environmental, physiological, or even human-induced. Below are a few noticeable ones.

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Factors that Determine a Tree’s Health

Accessibility to a water source: To take care of a tree properly, one must understand and know the properties and characteristics of the tree. It is also important to find out what factors best affect the growth of the tree.

Owing to differences in their natures, different kinds of trees respond differently to factors in their environments. Hence, you may have to find out the health requirements of your tree.

One of the requirements you will need to research on the quantity of water the tree requires to grow. Water is one of the most critical factors affecting the growth of trees. If a tree’s moisture content is not sufficient, draught begins to set in.

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Soil: You also need to find out what kind of soil is most ideal for the tree you intend to plant. Most trees tend to do well in a clean environment, while others do better in mulch soils. Before you plant a tree, you should also consider what direction water currents move in and the degree of susceptibility of the tree to break with a high water current.

Every healthy tree is essentially composed of healthy roots. The roots must be fit enough to reach out deep into the soil to extract nutrients necessary for plant growth. The ground where the tree is planted should also be healthy enough to contain the nutrients needed to keep the tree healthy throughout its lifespan.

A sign that is soil is healthy, sufficient for tree growth, is the lack of compaction. The compaction of soil particles prevents tree roots from gaining access to water and oxygen.

To keep a tree’s root system healthy, one has to ensure that the critical roots zone around the tree is protected. The essential rules own of a tree are an imaginary circle on the ground close to the tree, which corresponds to the extension of branches of a tree.

This critical zone is the most sensitive area around the tree; it must be kept free from compaction. However, all these certainly require the services of highly skilled and experienced professional arborists or tree technicians.

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Pruning Is a Part of Tree Healthcare

Healthy Pruning: Pruning helps your tree stay healthy and strong. Carrying out wrong trimming can cause more damages to the structure and resistance of the tree to diseases. Pruning should be done on trees regularly to ensure that the trees remain healthy from season to season. The following are signs that show that pruning was poorly carried out.

  • Heaviness at the top and bottom of the tree
  • Obstruction of sunlight by other trees
  • Jagged cuts
  • Leaning of the tree to one side
  • Exposure of root systems

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