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As one of the ways of overcoming global warming and preserving the ozone layer, several NGOs have sponsored tree planting campaigns orienting people on the need to plant trees. Tree planting is a lifelong investment – it is an entity that can last for a good number of years. While tree removal, land clearing, etc. are strongly discouraged for the very fact that they tend towards deforestation, tree planting is highly encouraged and universally welcomed.

Even though it may, at first glance, seem like a minor and inconsequential procedure, tree planting may require some level of expertise. Only trained and experienced experts can accurately tell what trees are most ideal for specific environments. In the same vein, given their knowledge of topography, they are trusted authorities on the exact locations to plant specific trees. Basically, seeking professional service for tree planting exercises helps to get rid of potential threats from storm damages, poor soil nutrition, and etc.

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Why Should I Plant Trees?

Maintaining air quality: Among several other purposes, trees serve as air purifiers. Essentially, they are known to absorb harmful gasses like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and ozone. They supply our atmosphere with pure breathable oxygen. In a lot of cases, trees are also known to absorb poignant odors from the atmosphere, replacing it with a more natural and breathable smell. Given these reasons, trees are perfectly ideal shades in informal settings and environments.

Widelife Shelter: The beauty of nature is the diversity with which plants and animals coexist. Planting of trees leads to the generation of forests which serve as housing for wildlife. A tree can house other organisms and species. Various animals require specific conditions for a geographical area to be considered a habitat. A habitat must essentially consist of food shelter and an opportunity to exist in communities with one another.


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Fruit and Food Production: This is arguably the most popular benefit of tree planting. The reason why we have several fruits, spices, and food materials is surely because of the existence of trees. A tree on your property may not only serve aesthetic and air-cleansing purposes, it can also serve as a source of fruits and food materials.

Prevents Soil Erosion: Soil erosion occurs when the top layers of the soil are worn away by water and/or other natural agents. Now, trees are known to help control this phenomenon. This is because they help to filter rain, thus protecting the soil from its direct impact. Also, they hold soil particles together making it steady against flooding, winds, and other erosion-causing agents.

What Is the Purpose of Tree Planting?

Aesthetic Purposes: Trees are beautiful creatures. When well-maintained and trimmed, they add some aesthetic color to our environments and beautify our landscape. They add a lot of value to the beauty of your property and landscape. They can also provide privacy for you and your family or business. If you live in a crowded neighborhood, adding trees and landscaping to your property can provide you with a little more privacy.

Production of Wood and other Raw Materials: The availability of papers, fire woods, woods, planks, wooden poles, brooms, sponges, bamboos, and several other commercially-relevant materials owes to the existence of trees.

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