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What is Tree Pruning? Tree pruning is the horticultural procedure aimed at cleansing a tree from toxic, harmful, or corrupted limbs or parts. It is carried out by getting rid of particular parts from the tree’s buds and branches.

The areas removed from the tree are usually either dead, plagued, infested, or weak. Now, the aim is to prevent the spread of pests or diseases to keep the tree healthy.

Asides from ensuring that trees grow healthy, tree pruning also helps remove weak tree parts that are more susceptible to natural disasters like a storm and fierce winds.

Pruning helps a tree retain its shape and structural integrity. As a tree ages, there are possibilities that it’ll begin to bend and tilt towards unwanted directions. Cutting off parts of the tree can help redirect the direction of growth.

The significant difference between tree trimming and pruning is the goal to be achieved at the end. Tree pruning Columbia, Sc particularly aims at the tree's health, while trimming helps to ensure that the tree maintains its aesthetic value. When tree pruning in Columbia, Sc is carried out at required times, a tree tends to be more healthy and productive.

Leave it to a trained professional to take care of your pruning needs. If you do not know how or what to do, give us a call. We have all the right resources here at, Columbia, Sc Tree Service, to help!

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What Are Some Methods of Tree Trimming?

There are several methods or approaches to trimming. Here is a list of the most popular ones:

Cleaning: This is arguably the most popular method of pruning. Here, the aim is to literally clean and cleanse the tree off any harmful or toxic substances within it. It requires some level of expertise as it is geared towards the removal of infected, weak, dying, or infected parts or branches from the tree. This means the pruner must have been quite knowledgeable about tree biology.

Raising: This method describes the clearing of lower branches from younger trees to keep it from clashing with buildings and signposts. The aim of this method is to prevent a tree from getting injured (by getting in the way of structures). This method is most likely practiced in cities and towns because of the high tendencies for trees to obstruct sign posts, walls, structures, etc. It is also mostly carried out on young or growing trees.

Thinning: Obstructions to the free passage of sunlight to all parts of the tree constitute significant health challenges to the tree. Thinning is carried out on the edges of tree crowns to better infiltrate sunlight and air into all parts of the tree.

Topping: This method entails the cutting down of thick tree limbs and branches in an irregular manner. It houses many risks due to the amount of caution that must be put in place to prevent injuries while cutting.

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The 1/3 and ¼ Rules of Pruning

The aim of this rule is set to prevent the number of damages incurred while carrying out pruning operations. This method, when followed appropriately, ensures that pruning procedures produce the desired results. The rule states that you are not required to clear more than one-quarter of a tree's crown, and branches cut must be smaller than the tree trunk diameter by 1/3. The sharper the tool used for cutting, the better the shape and size made on the tree. Professionals should explicitly cut trees that have large trunks.

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